Sunday, May 24, 2009

152. Equanimity

A few words can make your life
If those few words you once told do not,
A few words untold will surely make your life!
But then, why keep mum when I can really speak?
I am open, I say things I feel and I am always audible
If I am not, Sneak-a-Peek into my mind –
Into the Mind of a Teenager!!

A world of my own
A world I have sewn
With threads of gold
And beads of stone

All is for you to see
All is for you to know
I write all I experience
As I thrive ahead and grow

I’d sound grave at times
I’d sound naughty
But my mind is always free
I’d be in equanimity!

Its a Guest Post. A poem written exclusively for Princess Sonshu and keeping her (this) blog in mind. She's as wonderful as the blog is and she deserves all the best wishes and happiness in this world. Keep writing Princess Sonshu, and make it Big one day. Hope to see you somewhere - in some front page of some famous magazine! Best of Luck! Keep writing :)


  1. Wow!!! Im amazed with that poem..It was really really sweet..its nice of you to do this for me. Thanks a load tan!!!! Thanksy!!!!! I too hope i will be on the magazine cover!

  2. this was so sweet !! and i still can not see ur 150th post :(

  3. ...You are welcome darling...

    I am happy to have done that; but I really thought you would like the picture more... hehehe...

    Take care and keep writing
    All the Best :)