Sunday, May 31, 2009


Cuddling each other is
Amazingly sweet and
Resourceful for all
In the society as
Nothing but
Goodness and care for all prevails...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Wish he could be mine....

I was really outta topics so an online friend Ananya helped me and we together wrote and composed this poem. Ankit and i wrote one too ill put that up in the next post. Tell us what you think of it?

I saw him coming my way...
he looked perfect, divine...
i wish I could hold him forever...
i wish he could be mine...!!

He walks across smiling and gleaming

Shining brighter than the sunlight

I look at those glimmering eyes

And just wish he could be mine….

I wish u could feel the way i do..
I wish, to be with he could see me shine...
yet…I am here, still, and mesmerised..
I wish he could be mine..!!

His voice is like no other

Hoping he’d sing our song to me

I sat by thinking and praying

Wishing that he should be mine…

He is every girl's dream...
He is in my mind…my soul..
I don't know...If i love him more than god…
Could he be mine?

My love for him is wider than the universe

Deeper than the ocean

Stronger than sunlight

Purer than clear water…

But All I can do is wish…

Wish for the day,

When in due time

He could be mine

But i know i can't...
As he is no longer here with me..
He is there in my memories now..
And there could mine..!!

I loved him then..I love him now..
And he will always stroll in my and then...
All I can say is…love, You are the one…for me…forever and always..
I am eternally yours...And For me, you are are mine..!!

Do comment and tell us how it was...we wrote 4 lines each and we ended up with this huge poem!

Friday, May 29, 2009

To the lovely princess...

Thank you princess for presenting me with my first guest post... and sorry for the very very late post... just been lazy lately....

Have a poem and 55 Fiction for you.... here goes...

Innocence I see in your words...
The child in you is a treasure to cherish...
Untainted you your life's early spring...
Curiosity grows....Tempting to break all resistance...
But carry it with you , the butterfly of innocence...

Gone are the days when i thought ...
Babies like roses... grew in a pot...

I've such happy memories of when i was a boy...
But time just seems to fly in a plight of joy...
Experience with age came at a great cost...
For I lost a part of me, when innocence I lost...

(Never lose urs.... Nothing wrong in being immature n childish... those are always the happy times... be happy always princess...)

And now the fiction... A cute little 'fairy tale' for the lovely lil' princess...

Long long ago..So long ago...
During the time when mythical creatures cruised the lands...
One day,
There was a princess who was gorgeous , innocent and always happy....

The End.

It was a very long time ago... and it was just that one day.... One of em mythical creatures crushed the princess....

(awww... now don't cry... This princess didn't have anyone... Princess Sonshu will have countless friends who'll always protect her and guide her... )

The moral of the story (?) is , just be ready for life's surprises... n take life as time goes by...

With lots of luv,
Arun Kumar

Thursday, May 28, 2009

TAT Contest The Dream Came True?

The Dream came True?

She sat by the dogs reading to herself some encyclopedias. The dog then began licking her ragged clothes, it was already torn at each corner. She had worn that dress so many times that it was in no condition to be worn. But she couldn’t do anything.

“Meenu come inside” her mother screamed in whatever English she knew.

Meenu was from a poor family. They lived in the slums. Meenu always had the dream of becoming a teacher, since childhood. She even worked towards it, She taught all the village who wanted to learn whatever she knew. She read them stories at night.She studied hard and did all that was required. But her parents felt girls should just sit at home. No dreams, no ambitions. Every day she worked hard at houses and bought books with all the money she earnt. Her mother was going to get her married soon. She was eighteen already and according to their family customs all girls got married by sixteen. Meenu always thought to herself. “ I should do something….or they will get me married” But she could do nothing at all.

One bright morning Meenu was walking to her masters house to do work when she saw a big banner put up. She immediately read it. It said that a new school was opening and it required teachers and admission. It was a government school for poor kids. Meenu was excited looking at it. She decided to go after duty, as it was open from 8am to 12pm. She knew her duty got over at 11 am. She ran to the house happily and began cleaning. Her master looked at her happiness and wondered.

Meenu finished all her work and began to leave the house.

“Stop!” her master said. “The work isn’t over. Today I need you to do this also…” he said pointing towards the birds cage and the aquarium.

“But master…” she said sadly.

“Do you want to work or not? Just go clean the cages and the fish tank.” He shouted

“But master I have to go…” she began telling

“Where do you have to go? What work do you have huh?” he asked confused

“I….um….was planning to go try for a teachers job at the new school” she said happily.

“ School? Teacher? Look at yourself… Your fit for only cleaning. Don’t even dream about it.”

Meenu was helpless. She finished her work and then left. It was 12.30 by then. So she went home straight away to teach the kids. They always learnt from her during noon. She sat and began teaching them about Planets.

“Mercury is the…” she said. The children loved her teaching and listened to her intently. She loved to teach them and she did it because she enjoyed it. All the kids parents loved her for that. They were happy their kids got educated from one amongst them.

One fine day Meenu was teaching the kids as usual. She saw a man pass by. He was staring at her and thinking. He was really simple so she thought he might be a paper man. So she continued teaching the children. Today she taught them Science. Suddenly she turned and saw the man was advancing towards her.

“Excuse me…I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t help but hear and see how well you teach these children. I was thinking…” he went on but she interrupted

“Oh thanks sir. I love to teach them. I didn’t get educated but I read on my own.” She said

“Wow! Well I was thinking how about you become a teacher at the Government School? We will get you educated a bit and I’m sure you will pick up fast. So?” he asked

“Sir I couldn’t go the other day…..Its closed now.” She said sadly.

“No….I’m the head, ‘ill give you a post.” He smiled proudly.

“Sir it’s an honor…okay.” She said happily.

Soon she became the best teacher in town. She got educated too and had a degree. Meenu loved teaching all the children and they loved her too. She had proved herself to her parents and to her master. All the villagers were proud of her.

Meenu’s childhood dream had come true….

Monday, May 25, 2009

Drabbles and Acrostics...

In this post:

a.)2 acrostics for Acrostics only for teens
b.)Drabble- Evil intentions. My first attempt at a drabble

Evil Intentions

She smiled looking at the body lying flat and dead. Blood smeared all over the body. She bent down and kissed the boy on his cheek. A purple colored lipstick mark appeared on his cheek. She removed the plastic gloves and threw them into her bag.

“She is the only one who wears Vineyard Mystery lipstick in the whole school…. No one will ever find out…Never ever.” Chelsea laughed evilly.

Chelsea grabbed the Gucci hand bag and turned back ready to leave. She saw someone at the door looking at her intently and in shock.

“What--- Oh no!” she mumbled

This was supposed to be a 55 fiction but it turned into a drabble.


Sharing things
In a
Like this
Nothing but
Showering of a great gift


Peers forcing me to
Enjoy something they want
Everytime i deny it but
Rarely do they leave me

People all making me change everything
Rarely because i want to
Enough is enough because i am
Sick of this
Stuck up here
Under total pressure
Roaring aloud i scream to
Everyone to leave me alone

Sunday, May 24, 2009

152. Equanimity

A few words can make your life
If those few words you once told do not,
A few words untold will surely make your life!
But then, why keep mum when I can really speak?
I am open, I say things I feel and I am always audible
If I am not, Sneak-a-Peek into my mind –
Into the Mind of a Teenager!!

A world of my own
A world I have sewn
With threads of gold
And beads of stone

All is for you to see
All is for you to know
I write all I experience
As I thrive ahead and grow

I’d sound grave at times
I’d sound naughty
But my mind is always free
I’d be in equanimity!

Its a Guest Post. A poem written exclusively for Princess Sonshu and keeping her (this) blog in mind. She's as wonderful as the blog is and she deserves all the best wishes and happiness in this world. Keep writing Princess Sonshu, and make it Big one day. Hope to see you somewhere - in some front page of some famous magazine! Best of Luck! Keep writing :)

151. The Fable Called Life!

Princess Sonshu, she was called. Sonshuland was her estate. Sonshu’s best friend she was, Artz was her name. When sadness dripped or when pain enveloped over the little princess, a pillar stood up, again Artz she was.

As the sun gleamed, but yet a sober morning it seemed, Sonshu hugged her pal, Artz.

“What happened, Sonshu?” enquired Artz.

“Nothing new, Quarreled with mother.” replied Sonshu.

“ Sonshu dear” Artz put her arms over her shoulder and continued- “A walk through the jungle?”

Walking along, Sonshu was lost thinking and contemplating over the fights she had had with everyone – her parents, her friends, the servants. She was fed up of everything.

Sonshu was a PRINCESS and a pampered one at that. She owned her desires with no fuss at all. She never understood the importance of ‘relations’ and ‘responsibilities’.

While Sonshu was busy walking and crushing down the small flowers beneath her little feet, she spotted a small, tiny creature – a Tortoise, it was named beautifully. Artz and Sonshu hurried in excitement towards it. Sonshu picked it up and planted on it a warm kiss.

“Hello pretty ladies,” said the tortoise and winked playfully.

“Hello Totty,” Sonshu smiled.

“Artz, do you remember the story of the hare and the tortoise?? This little totty emerged the winner. But don’t you think it won just because of the hare’s stupidity,” Sonshu enquired.

The tortoise replied, “Dear lady, it was not because of the stupidity of the hare but because of the ‘consistency’ I had. Unlike you all, I possess the virtue of consistency. I am never over-confident nor boastful and I never give up. And that is the sole reason why I won.”

Sonshu didn’t get into terms with it fully, but began mulling over the word ‘consistency’ that the tortoise talked about. Artz continued from where the tortoise left and explained to her that consistency is not something which is just required in accomplishing a task; it also means consistency in loving someone, being there for someone and supporting the ones who matter to you.

They continued with their walk and while strolling past the small pond, they noticed a donkey fending with a big bundle on its back. As the donkey stood waiting for its instructions, it spotted the little princess Sonshu and advanced towards her and offered a salute to welcome her.

“Donk, why don’t you run away? Your master is busy washing the clothes,” asked the princess.

The donkey replied in a jiffy, “By running away don’t you think I will be breaking the trust of my master? Won’t I lose my credibility which is such a difficult thing to earn? Moreover, I have a family to feed, my children to be taken care of, can I be so irresponsible? I don’t live only for myself after all.”

Artz tightened her grip over Sonshu’s shoulder and continued- “Life is about relations and responsibilities. Every relation is mutual. Each relation rests on a strong base – be it between a master and a slave or between the family members. The base needs to be strong and then every single moment you would spend with them will make you experience heaven on earth.”

For Sonshu, relations and responsibilities were never borne with such deep meanings. She drifted into thoughts about what she had just heard. Though in small ways, all of this started making sense to her.

Artz withdrew from the basket- the mangoes that she had brought along from home. They halted; spread a napkin to sit under the shade of a huge tree as they enjoyed drawing in the lovely flavour that the mango had to offer. Sonshu in the meanwhile, though lost in thoughts felt much lighter and more learned. She started discovering other dimensions in life. It was then, that they blotted a peacock spreading it wings, ready to dance, as the first drop of rain splattered on its colourful wings.

Sonshu crawled towards the majestic peacock and spread the warmness of her hands onto its body. She enquired- “What is the connection between rain and your spreading of wings?” The peacock added to its majesty by letting a smile and went on to explain- “Rain symbolizes the different problems we encounter in life. Each drop that splatters on me is like a burden that I have to bear. And that is when we have to be stronger, SPREAD our wings and DANCE IN THE RAIN. Once the dark sky clears, what will follow is Bright Sunshine.”

Sonshu, the little princess for once felt gratified, gratified for the fact that she realized that life had so much to offer, and she had so much to learn from so many. She felt ‘learned’, she felt a sense of enlightenment, she felt light. She realized that every relationship is important and every responsibility needed to be handled with might. There was no running away, no looking back. She believed she would always give it a best shot.

This day, this little outing, the subtle feelings which were born in her, changed her outlook towards life. She became all the more humble and responsible. The little princess Sonshu loved and was loved.


Dearest Sonshu, writing this 151st post for your blog gives me immense pleasure and happiness. Why I wrote this fable is because now you are 14 and now is when you will start understanding the meaning of relations, the meaning of life.
On this very special day, I would like to wish you all the very best for your future endeavors. May God bless you with every happiness and success that you deserve.

I hope to write another guest post on the occasion of your 500th post!
Till then,
Keep writing, Keep Loving.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

150. Celebration time....

Well what do we have here? Its my 150th post… ? I am completing my 150th post!!! Wohooo…Okies wish me and then tada! Do you think Princess Sonshu will leave it at that? Well if you do think so then ur wrong… First lemme teach you a formula to remember

Princess + Sonshu = Royalty.

So princess sonshu does everything royally. So will be my 150th celebration. I have some surprises planned for all of you. For every person who has visited my blog, commented, followed and even sneaked a peek at it! Today we are going to begin off the programme with a song. So all of you get ready to sing along, song ke bina party kaise shuru kare?

For the girls:

For the guys:

Now chill and sit down .Now I talk and you listen. I want to thank all the people who have followed me and even left a single comment because every word is precious. This is for everyone whose sneaked-a-peek into my mind.So all those who have left a comment, followed, sneaked a peek into this blog here is ur award, which doesnt exactly look like one..but its just a little something. The first one is for those who have left atleast one comment and the second is for those who have at least sneaked a peek. Pat ur backs!

Now i have to give an award to all those who i consider my family. A part of my blog, those who have done guest posts, commented (not just 1), suggested, helped etc. Here i give u a very important family scroll/parchment. So all those who've commented, followed, helped me just accept sure u know what u have done

First i would like to give this award to all my teachers. They have guided me and taught me. Ive improved and learnt so much from them. This is to all my blog teachers. Love ya teachs! Thanks so much for teaching me and hope u will continue to do so. My Teachers Online Award Teachers: Amias, Storyteller (her prompts have helped me write) Tan, Kajal (The Pink Orchid), Vinay (Leo), Ms.R, Prats, Ste(The Solitary Writer), Aarthi
Now coming to my angels who have guided me so that i could reach here. Thanks for guiding me angels. Thanks a lot. They have been with me and shown me the ways many times.

Angels: Tan, Amias, Prats, Swetha
, Kajal (Pink Orchid)

This next award is for the cute blogger. I feel these bloggers are truly cute and amazing! So here are the cute little bloggers! mwah cuties!

Cuties: Little Poetess, Rose, Rashi (Raash), Kido

This next award is for all the sweet bloggers. They are really sweet The way they talk its like sweet as it. So here is the sweetest award..yumm...

Chocos: Kuyerjudd, Amias, Priyanka, Swetha, Aarthi, MeghnaK

Next is the Online Friends Foreva award. This award is to some online friends...whom i adore!So here u go guys..Here's the frndship award. I hope we stay friends. This isnt only for the bloggers, these are also other online friends on different networking sites.

FF: Juhi (Cursed), Kajal, Aarthi, Ms.R, Leo (Vinu), Prats, Rose, Nuchu, Swetha, Amias, Tan, Kuyerjudd, Arun Kumar,Ammygurl (Ananya) -not a blogger, frm Indiforum, Theperfectlady (Abby Ang-twitter)

The next award is the Poetry God and Goddess. This award im giving because i feel these people are great to write such amazing poetry. Sure do teach me not good at it! Sorry i made only i award not two for different! (lack of time)

Poetry god- Leo aka Vinay Poetry Goddess- Pratibha aka Prats aka Pretty me

Next is the teenistan award. This is for all the other teen bloggers. We teens are the best arent we. So here i present Teen-istan to all my fellow teen bloggers. This is for all the teen bloggers i know of...

Teen-istan: Kuyerjudd, Juhi (Cursed), Tvisha, Deepti, Raji, Ayesha, Divya (Devilish Angel), Rose

PS. If i have missed someone who knows me and i know them...then accept it. Ive added those whose ages i know.

Now the last award/honor is the Friends Forever (Real). This award is for those people who read my blog when no one did. Who have been there from the beginning. I award this to my two sweet friends.

FFR: Nilima, Raji . Since we 3 read loads of books so ive written that and put girls reading. Mwah!

Before moving on from the award. I' d like to say a big huge thanks to all those who have and are reading my blog and who have commented. I want this to happen:

But thats not it guys..Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost....(My SRK's dialogue!)

Today i want to tell you more about me. I am going to write 10 things you didnt know about me and my blog. First i write me and then blog.

1. Me: I love being a teen.
Blog: My blog is not yet a year old

2. Me: I love going to school and have loved it ever since i started going to school (unlike many kids)
Blog: My blog gets revamps every time the season changes or my mood changes.

3. Me:I am addicted to dancing and reading (My life is incomplete without them!)
Blog: My blog celebrated its 50th on March 23rd 2009

4. Me: I love the color black..My wardrobe has mostly and probably only black clothes
Blog: My blog celebrated its 100th on April 23rd 2009

5. Me: I always desired a younger sister too as i already have a brother. The reason being we cant play with our brothers hair nor can v play barbies with them. But i love my brother.
Blog: I had put my picture on my blog header when i had no one reading it but my mother and my school friends.

6. Me: I watch star one from 8.30 to 9.30
Blog: My blog was meant to be an online diary not a story corner or something. But i realised i like doing this better!

7. Me: I want to have a huge sweet sixteen. It should be the biggest bday party of my life.
Blog: My blog loves to eat food...What food is a secret.

8. Me: Italian food is my favorite food.
Blog: I have changed my template about 15 times.

9. Me: I always wanted to be supernatural and with magic powers.
Blog: My blog has changed its address twice.

10. Me: I intend to publish my journal with certain editings...(theres not much secret in it!)
Blog: My blog will change its name when im not a teen & im thinking about the title already. Future planning is what my blog loves!

Today Leo aka Vinay also celebrates his 150th post..So here's wishing him a HAPPY 150TH too..

And i just discovered this uncanny pattern on my blog. If u are a good observer you would have noticed. its right here in this post. So now what you have to do? Scribble what awards you received and along with that tell me what is this uncanny pattern u noticed. I'll give u loads of time and i will reveal the answer in MY next post. The guest posts arent over. Some more remaining. And one more award to go.

Now i'd like to inform you that this party/celebration isnt as small as it looks. Its grand and here's why:

Hope u enjoyed!!!! Do leave ur scribbles and tell me the answer to the riddle and also the award u received.

Until next time,
Hugs and kisses! mwah mwah!


Friday, May 22, 2009

149.To the Little Girl ....

“Mumma, why don’t you love me?” I asked my mother

“I know you are proud of bhai and you regret being a mother of dumb child like me,” I added .

“Chup pagli! You are my princess dear,” My mother said to me.

As a 7 year old year kid, I was little aware that my parents loved me. Bhaiyya was far much older to me. He was 12 years old when I was born. I didn’t had touch with my bhai as he studied in a boarding school. He used to come home during summers. I still remember bhaiyya carrying me over his shoulder and playing with me. My bhai was precious to me, just like my parents.

“Mumma, I know I score less marks in exams, but that doesn’t means you stop loving me, “I said to my mother.

Just a while ago, she scolded me for getting less marks in English Grammar. She hit me with a stick. I know after all she is my mother. A mother has the rights to scold her kid.

“No, daa, you two are my eyes,” She said to me.

“Even if one eye is defected then it is a great matter of concern,” she added

“As a responsible mother I would definitely wish that both my kids fare equally well in academics,” She said with a straight face.

“You are too small dear, it will take time for you to understand,” she smiled.

“Mom, I love you,”I hugged my mumma.

“Not all days are Sundays, One day I will make you, papa and bhaiyya proud,” and I smiled.

(Ding Dong)

“Mumma!, Look bhaiiya has come, “I rushed towards my bhai.

17 years later, the little girl grew up into an Engineer .Today she was going to receive the most prestigious award from the President of India. She was the happiest woman on Earth. She was accompanied by her mother, father, brother and bhabi in the award function.

The little girl was constantly feeling bad because of her poor performance in studies. She got inspired from her brother. Thus we can turn a pebble into a statue if we think we can.

Through this post I would like to Congratulate Princess Sonshu for her achievements. I hope that one day she becomes a famous writer similar to the protagonist of the story and make us proud.Ahh!! me already your fan and awaiting for your novel.You have a long way to go dear.Just is just your beginning and trust you will taste success at an early age.We all are here for you and help you.

Loads of wishes for you,

Love you,


Thursday, May 21, 2009

148.Honoring Princess Sonshu!

Being old and full of years, I was very impressed when someone calling themselves Princess Sonshu left an inspiring comment on one of my short stories. The comment gave me such a lift; I could not help but follow up on the author.

To my surprise, she was a very young lady. Her blog was titled “Sneak-a-Peek into the Mind of a Teenager” and my first thoughts after reading her blog were, WOW! She is the most unique teenager I have ever met in my life; online or off. She was so filled with love and respect for her fellow bloggers, and always had encouraging word for everyone. I said to myself, this is the wisest teenager I know, and I was so honored to have her leave me such an encouraging comment.

What was her comment, well; she said “I am expecting great things from you”. Tears swelled in my eyes when I read it, and I felt like a child receiving praise from her favorite teacher. For no one has ever said such encouraging words to me in all the sixty years of my life. I called my children and grandchildren immediately and told them of this wonderful Princess I had met online.

It seems to me that all of the other guest writers have taken what I desire to say, and I am left with just these few humble words; my beloved Princess Sonshu, you are wise beyond your years, and you have been blessed with wonderful parents, and a host of friends and well wishers from around the world; and I proudly include myself. If I had my life to live over again, I would ask God to incorporate your spirit within me, so that I too may do great things in my life, not only for myself but for my friends and love ones ... and to make proud of me.

Young one, you have touched the soul of this old one, from across the world, and brought so much joy into my life, with your wonderful spirit. I send my blessing to you and your beloved family --- and indeed, all your beloved friends.

I congratulate you on your 15Oth post, and most certainly appreciate being allowed to be a part of this joyous celebration.

God bless you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

147: Raash weaves a tale...

One day, Sonshu asked me to write something for her on the event of her 150th post. She, being much much younger to me (Infact she is younger to my baby brother too..Sigh, I'm old) I was very very happy to do this for her. Life for her, is just beginning. I see her brimming with innocence and life.

So here is my sweet little fairytale, dedicated to my sweet little Sonshu. All the best for everything in life and hope you have me back while writing for your 1500th post :)

Princess Sonshu's Wish

Once upon a time, not in a very faraway land lived a princess. Honey-laced she was, with a bit of spice sprinkled. Unhappy she was once, time and again wished that things hadn't happened the way they had. Sad and listless she settled on her window. Looked outside and wished a little wish.
"Time o, time, go back will you? A little rewind is all that I ask for."

Appeared an angel before her. Dressed in all white, the halo and all. Smilingly, she asked, "
Sonshu dearest, is that your wish truly? Think hard and wise. Your wish shall come true."

Adamant that our little
princess was, she agreed. She had her wish. Time turned back. The way she wanted. She did things the way she wanted to. Changed everything. In turn, everything changed. Realised she did, suddenly, she wasn't herself anymore. Looked and peered in the mirror, recognise herself she could not.

Unhappy she was once again. By her window once again, she wished it to all go away. All her wishes of turning back time. Her angel appeared once again and just waved a wand.

That is all
Sonshu remembered before she woke up. Princess Sonshu thought to herself, "This is nothing but a dream." She turned and a small note she found on her pink little pillow.

It read,

"Turn back is a wish everyone wants
Redo is a button all wish for
None of these is an option
Neither for you, nor for me.
Rarely do we get more than
A single chance, to make it right
This time, in this way..I wish!
Time turner, I have not,
Oh How I wish!
When all your lungs want is
To shout out loud.
When the alley seems unending
Yet with a dark dead-end.
Smile a little, my dear
When I'm here, why fear?
The alley is deep, so what?
Return with you, I shall.
Have nothing to give you
Except maybe a shoulder,
A hand to hold onto,
A heart with love just for you.

Forever yours,
Your guarding angel"

Loads of love and luck,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

146. Oodles of Love from Ms.R.

There is an angel I know
Know that she smiles like a doll
Doll that she is, graceful like a princess
Princess she calls herself and I couldn’t agree more
More than all the beauty in the world
World of fairies. Princesses and snowhites

She shines thru like a star
Star she is of our blogging family
Family that treats and respects her for what she is
Is she Cindrella or is she Snow White? Or
Or is she Jasmine, or is she Bella? Or
Or is she Barbie or is she Fiona? Hmmm

She sure is a Princess but she’s Sonshu
Sonshu, a girl who is better than all the Disney princesses
Princesses that are imaginary. But
But Sonshu is a real girl who melts our heart
Heart melts when we read her posts
Posts that she sweetly comments on
On her following our blogs we feel honored
Honored that a star would grace our world.

Hey Princess,

You really are my star. You remind me of my sister and I think you are one. I love what you write and I think you got a great potential as a writer. But moreover, blog your heart out and be yourself. That is the best thing anyone can tell you. :D

Now for my shining star, I have something she’ll looove!

See Edward loves you ;)

And I love you too. So here’s a lil something for my Star Blogger.

Hoping I'll be writing a guest post for your 1000th post!
With lots of love and best wishes..
R ♥

Monday, May 18, 2009

145. Sonshu, the princess!

Hey its me, Swetha! I hopped in here to wish sonshu for her 150th post!
Before I say anything, I would like to give this cake to sonshu! Its called princess cake! :D

Congrats Sonshu and a big hug to you! :)
That was for the celebration! and let me continue further now!

my first effort of 55 fiction, written for sonshu! :)

she opened her eyes to find butterflies flying around. she could feel the aroma of flowers everywhere. happily she sang her favorite song in the beautiful garden. then came the two rabbits giving a surprise, holding bunch of roses smiling at her. it was those flowers which was bloomed especially for sonshu on 150th celebration!

On this occasion, i had this quick interview with Princess Sonshu!

she was really excited to have this interview and her answers were truly wonderful. i liked each part of it and can assure to the readers that everything was straight from her heart!

The interview goes like this...

Sonshu takes a deep breath before the interview began..and swetha smiles at Sonshu and starts asking questions.. :)

So, How do u feel about ur 150th success?

I am extremely happy to be this position. I started off with only my mom and a few other school friends reading my blog. Now im having so many readers which makes me all the more happy. I think thats what got me to my 150th post! So of course im bursting with joy! *giggles*

What's ur idea on blogging?

I feel blogging is really something everyone should try. Its a way to speak out and tell your thoughts, share em with the world. I feel its a lovely way to make good new friends too. It brings people with same or different interests together. It unites people and makes them happy to be in there with each other! I love blogging!

Which is ur favorite post that you have posted till date?

Aah..for me every post of mine is a favorite as i post only what i want. But if you ask me to choose one then maybe the time i posted the story Keeping silent and people actually wanted me to continue the story. It was so nice to see they liked it. So thats probably my fav post.

Could you share some of your memorable moments here in blogsville?

Blogging has been my favourite thing since november 2008. I began as a no one. Just invisible perhaps. Only my friends read my blog. Then slowly i improved on everything i could and now im here so blogging itself is a wonderful thing for me.

Memorable moments....First would be the day i started having unknown people (people other than my friends) follow my blog and read it. But now they all are family to me! Secondly id say the day i got my first award..i was overwhelmed! Thirdly it would be the day i joined Writers Lounge as the lounge has helped me make so many friends! *smiles*

Lastly, what is the first thing in your blog that makes you happy seeing at it?

Yes the thing that makes me most happy in my blog at seeing it are obviouly the comments. Im over joyed when people review my work and read it. I love it when it says 4 scribbled not 0 scribbled. Let the comments be good or bad (both are necessary), im happy! It makes me feel pleased that people have read my work and thought of commenting on it!

Also i like to see the number on the followers tab go up...its nice to know people want to read what you write.

Thanks for those lovely questions Swetha! Hope i didnt bore you *smiles naughtly*. Love you all!

Swetha "Claps" and gives a very hig hug to Sonshu!

and now, let me tell something to you, Sonshu!
You are doing a wonderful job. Keep going. My wishes are always with you..
Rock on! :D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

144.To dearest sonshu ... from ur Prats di

A biiiig hello to all the readers of this blog !
This is Pratibha (Pretty Me) writing a guest post for our dear Sonshu!

Simply superb,
Overly nice,
Naturally cute,
Star like bright,
Happening blogger
Uniqueness is your right!

When sonshu first visited my blog, i never knew that such sweet blogger is actually a sweet li'l blogger.. More readings of her blog and the wonderful comments she left on my posts bonded us together. But i got to know the real face of her through shoutbox at The Writing lounge !! (remember the chat post dear !! ;) ) so when i say its a honour to write here, i really mean it (though i am nervous too ) !!

Here is a very old poem i chose to share with you and the readers of your blog Sonshu ;

You can feel happy,
you can feel sad,
No one said to you,
life's always bad??

You can trust all you want,
or let doubt be near,
but if you trust yourself,
nothing you will fear.

You can support the right,
or can ignore the unjust,
but to whom you will turn
when you are troubled.

You can seek revenge,
or tend to forgive,
its all upto you,
How you want to live.

Stay happy!!
Stay blessed!!

and may you write more than a 100,000 posts in your life !!
each as sweet as your previous ones !!

ps:i miss your series on lounge.. where is the next part ?
pps: I forgot to say... Love ya dearie !! will meet ya soon !!
ppps : nothing here ... simply added it ;)


143. Leo Sneeks-a-Peek!

Speaks a little princess
Nice to hear her voice
Every word loving
Absolutely enjoyable
Keeping all addicted with

A very simple style

Perfection not needed yet
Every word is near it
Easy to understand her mind
Keep flying higher she does

Impress she does with writes
Near she feels to you with them
Treasured friendship is ours so far
Only never ending hope it shall be

Tough I find to write about her
However little I may know so far
Every word I write from my heart so

May she keep flying higher
Indeed as she once wanted to
Never giving up on those
Dreams she holds dear to her heart

One day, my little angel, your
Fabulous writes will be known

All over the world hailed as brilliant

Till that one day, you write
Every word with the hope that
Eluding dreams you will conquer
Nestled in your heart as a friend
A brother elder, I will be there
Guiding you, encouraging you always
Ever I shall be glancing in to your mind
Remain it always, innocent and loving so

You are celebrating your 150th post soon, I hope you will reach more heights. I hope I will be there for all those celebrations!

Vinu Bhaiyya.
aka Leo

PS: You are my little angel too.