Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oscars Pictures :)

Here are the pics of the oscars. I wasn't able to arrange them properly so just put em in a line. Did not find pics of Robert Pattinson. I will upload when i find them. Hope u like the new template of my blog. Just keep changing for fun....


Oscars :)

I can't believe i got up early to watch the oscars!!!
Or maybe i can.....

I watched slumdog one day b4 the oscars with my sis. Actually i wasnt supposed to be watching it..I was supposed to be reading something but i got distracted so ended up watching it. Its pretty good too. Well I was happy for slumdog and A.R Rehman and proud and all. But all the more i enjoyed the oscars coz... Vanessa and Zac performed, Robert Pattinson was a presenter and Zac too....

Zac gave the award to A.R Rahman as he said it. He looked so dashing. Robert acted wierd.....Zanessa performed cool and Zac's hat fell off...hahaahha

I thought i will attach a gew pics of people who were looking good at the oscars. Just coz i have them. N btw Miley Cyrus was present too. She looked pretty in a nice gown. So im attaching pics here. Hey the pictures are not attaching!!! God!!

I will surely try to attach them soon....So keep waiting


What a life???

Oh my God i cant believe that we are almost finishing the second month of this new year. Holy crow!!! It seems as though 2009 started yesterday. I think December 31st would be here even before i blink!

Time is flying and i haven't yet learn to run along with it. I have seriously gotta cope up with superman time! Currently my status- I HATE my school!! :( My school people are jerks, morons, lunatics and big freaks. Freakier than Lana Weinberger and Grandmere. Why???? Here's why-
1. We have weekly tests twice a week. On wed's and friday's.
2. Its bcoz of their stupid deadlines that we get only 5 hours sleep. N let me remind u we are 14 years only and mortal and also humans!!! We are not vampires or robots:)
3. We have to submit final drafts of projects by march end. Like from the beginning of the month. Monday eng1, Friday math1 and so on .....
4. They have no other work than to give us projects and tests.

I mean i understand we are in 10th and we should only study. But we have other things to attend to. Like in helping ur sibling, doing chores in the house, interacting with people, none of which we can do unless and until our big burden is decreased. I pity us....All of us!!! We need to go on a STRIKE!!! Yes we do!

Well, gotta go finish my burden so cya guys later.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


I never knew i will be saying this but ya i like trigonometry. I always disliked mathematics but now i like trigonometry. Its so awesome and interesting especially the part of using the complementary angles and all that. Its fun coz they are easy and i was present in class for each and every sum. I paid full attention so now its my favourite topic in math after congruency. Congruency is also cool

Congruency has all axioms and hence u just learn those u'll be able to solve and prove everything. Trigonometry and Congruency are the best things that have happened to maths so far Profit and Loss is probably the worst thing.

Algebra and Geometry are branches of Math which are interesting unlike Arithmetic. I hate arithmetic. Profit n loss is a part of it. Its boring. Id rather use x and y's than find loss or gain. I have always liked these two branches in mathematics

Biology is also very much interesting. Learning about human body and plants is terrific. But we get such vast portions that it becomes very difficult to study it. I like reading about human parts and plants n diseases and all but i dont think i like to byheart them. Biology was one of my favourite subjects but since 8th we are having vast portions due to which i dont score so well n which results in my dislike of the subject.

Physics i have no comments about. Truly NO COMMENTS!!!

Chemistry is boring. I dont like chemistry at all. Its so chemical. hahahaha

History is wonderful. Its so good to learn about ur previous generations and civilizations. What they wore n also their ways of living life. Akbar is my all time favourite ruler as he was expert in it. Poor him that he was uneducated. Akbar awas the greatest ruler. Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq is a joker. Wwhen i read his name i feel like laughing. He is so funny. He was not so brainless like how he acted and took descisions. He needed guidance which no one gave him. So sad.
Civics is good to an extent. Learning about Constitution and Fundamental rights will come handy one day in life. Maybe when u have to fight for ur rights or something.

Geography is good like History. Its nice to know about all SAARC countries and all that. Last years portion was good. We had stuff about rivers and winds and all. But this year we have India in detail. Like India- agriculture and all about india in detail. We suffered with those in 8th n again this year.

Arts is my elective and that rox except for applied art where u have to brain storm but its a good help to increase thinking power.

English is GOOD!!!!!! If i start describing it then ill go on for pages so i btr stop here. My mom's calling. cya



Hi there guys!
Guess what? Im watching the harry potter movie right now on cartoon network. The fourth movie. I would have watched it about 20times....(no hyperbole intended) I have byhearted all dialogues n each and every scene but i still never get bored of it. Its just so interesring... The 6th movie- half blood prince was supposed to release in november last year. These stupid distributors or whatever cancelled the release and postponed it to release this year on july. I hate them for it. They should have released it last year.

But im happy they atleast release it here in india unlike twilight which release last year every where except in india. Nilima said her friends saw twilight. I envy them so much. Seriously. I wish i lived somewhere in the west as in California or Manhattan or even Forks or Phoenix.... Here in india they dont release Twilight. But im glad they released High School Musical 3 which i saw second day 1st show along with my frnd Neharika. I wish they decide to release Twilight in India and also Hannah Montana: The Movie (Releasing on April 10th everywhere, i dont think India)

Now im watching the last part of Harry Potter just before the last task. The maze one where he and cedric end up at the graveyard because the triwizard tournament cup which they held together was a port hole. I totally love the duel between Voldermort n Harry. It was awesome!!!
Ok ive gotta go see now. So see u later


Star Birthday and Sickness!!!!

Hey guys!
Yesterday the 7th day in the month of February was my star birthday! Well my birthday wasnt a birthday at all coz i was sick with fever and throat ache and most of all head ache. Crazy!!! I just sat and read books. Famous five n Princess Diaries. I also wrote in my journal. Well my sweet lil bro Shash gave me Fererro Rocher chocolates. Those are the only chocolates i eat bcoz i dont really like chocolates. My mom got me stickers which i have been wanting and also a pencil pouch n that too a high school musical pouch. Its black which is my all time favourite colour and has Troy and Gabriella's picz. Its so cool. For my actual Birthday on 16th January i got Princess diaries books as my gift and i gotta cut cake. N believe me i forgot i had PHYSICS EXAM the next day. I had soooooo much of fun. my cousins n uncle came along accompanied by my grandpa.... I was even more happy bcoz my FAVOURITE COUSIN came- Nitesh....
My day was truly special. But the physics exam was truly opposite- HORRIBLE...God why did it have to be so?
So coming back to yesterday i was in bed all lazy n sulky. I was so crabby n acrimonious that everyone around wondered whats wrong with me. My demeanor was so pathetic i repend now on what i would have said to those around me. Poor they. But having head ache and throat ache along with so much stuffy feeling due to cold really does make u feel pissed off n engraged and so was i. But i should have had a better attitude. Anyways no use of crying over spilt milk. So i have to learn to handle my burning temper.