Monday, December 28, 2009

Tribute to Friendship.....

Well today its time to get all emotional! Yesterday's meme made me think of all these times with my friends! All of it. Yes the fun, the craziness, the random laughter, crying for each other, the school trips together, unity we have, bond we share oh god there's so many things and it makes me cry that this is our last year. Every time i think of it i start weeping because friends are like nothing! They play one of the most important roles in our life! All these years in my school life i have had amazing friends From grade one to grade ten. Yes it was indeed amazing! So today i am going to dedicate a song to all my school friends all the friends who have been a part of my school life! Yes this song is for all of you guys! Mwwwwaaah!!! kisses ang hugs!

This song is dedicated to: ( i will put only limited names so u dont go crazy!)
 Nuha, Esther, Sanjana (Banjo) Bobby, Sudakshina, Siddharth, Rhea, Rahul, Deepti, Nilima, Raji, Ayesha, Riya, Nidhi, Anoop, Badri, Harshavardhan, Rakhshith, Sudarshan, Nimisha, Trysha, Aishwarya, Sneha, Aishwarya, Madhura, Neha, Sudakshina, Ritika, Deepak, Deepali,  GK Murthy, Sachin, and so many more people! Every single person who was in my school life! From year 2000 to 2010!

Now dedicating a song to all of you! Yes all my other friends since i am in a song mood so yeaaaah!!! Lets make the most and listen to great songs! This song is to every one of my friend!!! EVERY PERSON WHO WAS OR IS MY FRIEND!

A Great Ending, A New Beginning.....

Sunday Stealing: The Final Week of 2009 Meme

1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before? Um i well i didnt do anything i havent done before! :)

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Um nope couldnt keep all of em!

3. How will you be spending New Year's Eve?
Um probably i shall be studying and well i will be celebrating my brothers bday! yeah his buhdaay on new years eve!

4. Did anyone close to you die?
No i am glad no one!

5. What countries did you visit?
Um no countries but yes states in india and places in india- Trichy in Tamil nadu (not sure bout the spelling!), Wayanad in Kerala, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh

6. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
Um...i didnt lack anything in 2009 i guess, it was one of the best years! evaa!!

7. What date from 2009 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Um lots of days were important but 22nd december will remain etched coz it was the last day of actual school with all friends and stuff! i will tell you why soon enough! And of course 7th september coz it was the time i won the poetry competition and actually felt like i was good in poetry! Also 9th February coz that was the day i wrote the first chapter of my book! yes!

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Um biggest achievement well uh probably was to uh...wait i gotta think.....well i have no big achievement this year except for helping lots of people with their problems! :) yeah i helped lots and lots of friends with problems and giving them advices! Oh yeah i also started my book!

9. What was your biggest failure? Nothing! Every failure is a stepping stone to my success!

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Um i fall ill every other day yeah delicate body here! injury like in INJURY well no i guess!

11. What was the best thing you bought? Best thing i bought would be my lovely CELL phone! My life my soul my mobile phone!

12. Where did most of your money go?
My mobile! 

13. What song will always remind you of 2009? Yeh dosti hum nahi chodenge which will remind me of my school life last year with these friends..... and the song only time by Enya! Also ishq tera tadpaye which will remind me of my first time at Shiamak davar's class im sure theres a long way in his dance classes! i will be there often so that song will remind me of my first shiamak performance    

14. What do you wish you'd done more of?  did all i wanted this year!

15. What do you wish you'd done less of? um nothing!

16. What was your favourite TV program? Uh i guess that would be 90210 which i watched for a month and also friends!

17. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? Um nope no one!

18. What was the best book you read? A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Housseni (I didnt say twilight coz i read it last year!)

19. What was your greatest musical discovery? Well i started listening to a lot of bands this year like Metallica, Greenday, Iron Maiden, and i have become a total english music freako! So this year was a whole lotta musical discovery!

20. What was your favorite film of this year? Um New Moon! ( it was amazing!) Well i will also say Wake Up Sid and Harry Potter and the half blood six (but the book was a whole lot better than the movie!)

21. What did you do on your birthday? Uh on my birthday that was in the beginning of the year yeah on 16th January i studied and studied coz i had my 9th grade final exams on and on 17th of Jan i had PHYSICS ( i dislike it!) yeah so i ended up studying only!

22. What kept you sane? Well nothing did infact people around me made me insane well more than insane i have crossed insanity! muhahhaha

23. Who did you miss? I missed well no one i got back people like my child hood friend yeah i got him back!

24. Who was the best new person you met? Well i reunited with my childhood friend of about 10years after five years so i was so so so happy well thats not new for new people my two good friends at tutions- Trysha and Aishwarya

25. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2009: Um lesson well theres lots one is Time never gives you back anything live in the moment and enjoy it. Enjoy the happy times, and also feel the sad ones, nothing ever comes back no matter how much you throw tantrums time wont budge!

Well that was amazing one of my favourite meme's it brought back all those memories through the year! Its been an amazing year! Well i wasnt here to wish you on christmas so well here's wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! yes and i will be here tomorrow too!

Leaving all of you with an amazing song one of my favourites of this year! Yeah!!! Taaadaaa!!

Bye friends!!!!

Merry Christmas!! :) <3 <3

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 6W's


Is easy to love? My teddy! And my momma

Do you just wanna smack? Dipsy for being so formal with me sometimes! God she is so silly at times!

Do you trust? My teddy bear (the most!)

Do you talk to when you're alone? My teddy and My closest friend!


Dangerous things do you do while driving? I dont drive!

Are you allergic to? Nothing or maybe to not having my teddy around

Is Satan's last name? Goon one!- lol that was meant to be funny so laugh! ahhahah!

Is the freakiest thing in your house?...Nothing is freaky about my house!


Is it time to turn over a new leaf? When the time comes i will know

Will you be all that you can be? When i reallllly have to like give my best to achieve something

Is enough enough? Enough is enough i wanna go on the trip! thats it!
Do you go to the dark side? Boo i am scared of the dark! lol


Are your pants? I am wearing them??!

Is your last will and testament? Thinkin about it i made one and yeah its rotting in my cupboard! Why did i even make one!

Is your junk food stash? God knows!

Is Carmen Sandiego? I have no idea whereee? Where are you!??


Was the Lone Ranger alone? Uh, i am clueless lol because its the "Lone" Ranger!

Was The Scarlet Letter scarlet? Um lemme think....thinkin....thinkin! Because it was the Scarlet letter!

Are musicians sexy and plumbers not? Really i dont think either are!

Are there no seat belts on school buses? Because hey i really dont know man!

Would you...

Swim the English Channel for a doughnut and coffee? If not that, what? I would Go trekking even on having a fear of heights just to meet Edward Cullen well since he is fictacious i would do with meeting Miley, Selena, Robert Pattinson and of course Shahrukh Khan

Forgive someone who deliberately hurt you? Um, depends on how deep the hurt was!

Rather believe a lie if it hurt you less than the truth? No i wouldnt!

You still be alive if you were sucked out of an airplane window? Hahhahah no i guess not!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Choosing the right path.....

"Your getting it now?" she asked him over the phone

"Yes, yes i will, and i am telling you its great! Its worth all it is!" he said in a lost voice

"Really? Its that good? Oh fine, i know i am waiting! get it soon" i said and kept the phone

"Sasha, Anne, Ashley, come here quick!" Erin called ."Can you believe it?? Dixon is getting it! The thing we all have been waiting for, K10"

"K10?? okay!!! awesome dude, we'll all have so much fun!" Ashley said

After a while Dixon pushed open the door and walked in, a little almost invisible plastic bag in his hand. 

"Oh Dixon there you are pass it" Erin and Sasha said!

"There you go" he passed small packets full of a powdery substance, white in colour.

"Um, waiting to have it" Erin and Sasha said falling down

"Come on" All of them said and sat in a circle.

"After you take it you hallucinate and its beautiful!" Dixon said

Ashley, Dixon and Sasha had it, they took a little and that itself was so much. Then Anne took her bit but she wasnt smiling, she took it though. And soon all of them were almost in a state of unconsciousness. Erin was so excited that she gulped the whole packet down. 

"What the hell are you doing Erin?? Why did you damn gulp the whole thing? Shit even half of it would kill you and that you you were over drugged from before, damn!" Dixon screamed

After a while all of them were in a state of hallucinating, they didnt feel anything around, the pain, the screams, the cry, nothing, All they could see was happiness, joy ,colors, a different world. The feeling was so good to them. They didnt know what they were doing, they felt it was good, they didnt see harm. 

Suddenly all of them were startled, the scream was so loud, it was piercing, they all woke up to it, came to senses and saw that their friend Erin was choking. She was holding her neck, trying to breathe, trying to wake up, She looked dull, face was pale, pale as a dead soul. She looked so helpless, choking with the very thing that had made here feel so good. It was killing her, her face now turned red. No body knew what to do, people heard the screams and came running upstairs. Erin's parents were called and they arrived in no time. 

"Erin Erin, sweetheart!" they screamed coming in

Erin was still choking and she had lost all the colour, her eyes blackened and lips became pale she couldnt see anything everything was blurring , finally she couldn't feel anything, not the screams, not the nice feeling, not even pain. It was all over. 

Erin's parents screamed and cried, they sat beside her body, the face that once was the prettiest in school had now become pale, eyes turned black, lips all white, she had lost everything, the charm, the smile, the colour in her soul, the brightness, everything. 

"Dixon why dixon??" his parents asked " Why'd you do this??"

"I wanted to okay!" he said and walked out.

"Anne? Werent you supposed to be my goody little girl? my baby?" Her dad asked while her mom sat speechless. 

"Dad we never used to do this, never, i still dont want to! We were the best group in school, we were toppers. But people called us uncool coz' we never took drugs and we gave it a try, and from then on its not stopped, its impossible the feeling.......i dont want to do it but i am helpless!" she said

Note: Soon after all of them were taken to rehab centres and were treated. Drug Abuse is a problem many many teenagers face. Become aware, however uncool people think you are dont do it! You are harming you self, spoiling your life and it just is so 'uncool' so 'say no to drugs' ! "

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweet memories to share!!! :)

My conversations with my friend, my closest friend, my best buddy are some really memorable ones especially the ones on gtalk! And i decided i could share some of them with you!  This is what happens when best buddies: 

When I learnt his language  me: Ei Je Amar nam SoNSHU!
Aapni akhon ki korcen.
  Tumi akhon ki korcho? 
choco: ohh wow!! 
 me: kaal tumhi ki karocho!
 choco: impressive!! 
 me: yeah
  i learnt
  a lot
  of bengali 
 choco: its kaalke tumhi key korcho, btw! 
 me: bondhu means friend na? 
choco: yeah!! 
 me: apni keamon arsen 
 choco: bandhobi means female friend 
 me: oh oka
  ki holo 
 choco: kichu na aakhon ami ashi? 
 me: oh ahahhaha
ami bangla alpo jani. 
 choco: bangla toh shona, tumhi koob bhalo shikhecho dekchi!!
 khoob bhalo laaglo! 
 me: waht??? 
 choco: "i see that you've learnt bangla really well
very nice to know"  When we got teased with each other  me: hi

  choco: ahh
 me: yeah
  choco: hehe!
  how was your day?!
 me: good
  choco: me? wait?
 me: wait
  choco: okie!
 me: hiye
  u dere choco??

choco: yeah!
 me: hi
  choco: hallo!
  what is
 me: halo
  choco: got it
 me: wat?
  choco: nuthin
  never mind
  i'll tell you
me: yeah
 choco: i was gonna ask what is brb
  but i got
 me: okies
 choco: be right back
 me: yeah
 choco: i'm a pig!
  i get things late!
  "FRIEND" is still on on the teasing
  today she coughed when i said ur name
  she was like
  ahem ahem
  and all
  they still think ur my BFnot only her all my friends! i love them but hate it when they think silly things!

choco: why am i not surprised?
 me: hahahaa
  seriously why do they??

  that people think so?
  i mean in "M" too they used to
  and here too my friends are
choco: people are fools
  let them remain so
  thats my motto

 me: yeah i agree we know we are just friends, great friends!

Yeah those were two of our convos i liked a lot! Hope you liked them will like to know your views never the less



Friday, December 4, 2009

Bhoom! Whoot! Whaaaa??

Yeah yeah i am back with some randomness, more randomness, the most randomness

Feeling jobless studying that jute production and cotton and stuff, i dont know why geo doesnt interest me these days, bio does though!

Yeah i am future planning so future planning and to accompany me is bella/cherry! Yep! She too, both of have almost similar interests and hopefully we will end up in cambridge together! Yay wont that be cool, i am sure it will. 

Have you guys seen teh movie- The Secret? Its basically about reincarnation, the idea of the movie where the mothers soul transfers or rather reincarnates after her death into the daughters body spooked me, but it is a good movie, i meand what if something like that did happen?

The other day i was sitting like some dead creature gazing into the sky like i am going to discover some new world. And swear, i swear i actually saw some small little wings in the sky, it wasnt a bird coz it was green in colour yeah probably it was an elf. And im truly telling this coz it actually happened

Well i wonder! Probably i discovered a new world! I did omg!!

Well i am becoming crazier day by day arent i? And currently i am having a writers block i cant even think of a random thing to write or maybe i can. Wait i am going to invent words

Hagaboola - What
Hagabooshi- Why
Hagabooti- When
Hagabooooooyu- Where

Blehbahuya- shit
Behlabooba- Really?
Baaahaabuha- ahahhahah
Biganikatikashika- You are dumb!

Yeah isnt that really random and cool! I mean how fantabulous it is!

Okay now to make my post interesting and for you to have fun here are some new every time posts. Every time i post i will do a question of the day, fantastic five and picture of the day!



Currently wearing: Jeans and A brown top
Currently reading: Geography textbook
Currently listening: The Fray- Over my head
Currently thinking: God i am so random! Eeeep waiting for 12th! Baaah geography
Currently feeling: Like studying! (OMG I am!!!)

PICTURE OF THE DAY: A black and white amazing picture. Its like the whole city is awake at midnight!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!!!

This is crazy! My blog's birthday was on Novermber 30th and i posted first on December 2nd. So i choose to celebrate this day! Yes today is the day my blog's birthday, my birthday! I complete one year in the blogosphere so does my sweet little blog! Yaaaay!! Inviting you all to my Blog's birthday Bash on 11th December 2009


*Gets teary eyed and aaawwwie's*

Yes after my exams we all are going to have a huge Birthday Bash here! So dont miss it consider this a formal invitation!

Btw, read my other post today, there's a surprise for you all unveiling something new there!



P.S how do ya like the template???

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Tell Me About Yourself Meme

1. When is your birthday? January 16th, 1995

2. Where were you born? Bangalore

3. Where do you live now? Sonshuland!

4. What is your heritage? I am a princess because my mom is a queen!

5. Tell us about a weakness. Weakness huh? Um.....when someone reads my diary or snatches something away from me i love (possessive)

6. What's a goal that you'd like to achieve? A goal? There's sssoooo many! Fine to get into Cambridge/Harvard/Dartmouth/Oxford and to become an author and to become an MTV VJ and a photographer and the list goes on!

7. What is the most overused internet phrase? Awwwwieee, LOL, hehehheh thats like so funny!

8. What was your first thought this morning? Shit tomorrow i have a math paper!

9. When do you usually go to bed? 1 am or 2 am! lol i am a vampire indeed! im studying till then yaar!

10. Do you smoke? If not, did you ever? Nope nor will i ever smoke, its injurious to health i am so against it!

11. Do you like your current relationship status? Single! Yes i love it!

12. Do you (or did you) get along with your parents? Yeah i get along more over with my Mom! My darling mom!! :)

13. How often do you drink alcohol? Never drink

14. Have you ever tried drugs (that weren't prescribed)? Nopeee i think, no i havent!

15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If yes, do tell. Um, skinny dipping, probably not

16. If given the choice, how would you like to die? A natural death in my sleep without any pain!

17. What did you want to be when you grew up? You mean now? I want to be so many things- i want to do everything and anything related to the ARTS field!

18. Have you ever been dumped? Never been in a relationship!

19. What's on your pizza? Stuff!

20. Have you ever shoplifted? Naah!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Title? Really i cant think of one! Just go on and read the post!


Bella is spreading her randomness, I had this sudden idea that i should take some online tests on english since i plan to devote the rest of my life understanding every little thing about my love, my english language. Yeah so i sorta had the idea in my head and googled it, i took certain tests which i aced, really stupid ones. So then i called bella and she told me she had the same idea and had done them already.

That brings me to now. I am sitting here by the window, not at all comfy in this seat, too lazy to cushion it. And am taking some amazing tests by British Council and stuff,

Can you believe i so want to do my further studies at Cambridge, Oxford  or Dartmouth. Yeah and i have even written down what i will write in teh application forms. Yeah its my dream, has always been

After these stupid boards i will surely take come tests like TOEFL and IELTS tests

Yeah i plan to apply for TOEFL,  IELTS , and i am preparing for all, (anything all tests possible) the preparations have begun! Btw our school sent mine and Bella's name for IOEL god knows if the form reached them by post also?

Yaaay i scored awesome on a prep test for IELTS! it makes me glad. I swear.

Coming to now, the present. I had my stupid physics exam today which was pathetic and the paper sucked was pathetically bad and mean and stupid and timeless. There was absolutely no time to finish it. All us students should strike. One and a half hours isnt enough! Snow white so agrees with me (Nilima) yeah! And dipsy does too!

Well i have Math on Monday



Sadly my hope, english are both over, language and prose and i performed well. Yaaay! Atleast if those two were not one after another i would have something to look forward too while writing other exams. Thank God Bio and Arts is still there and the most biggest thing to look forward to

NEW MOON. It is hopefully releasing this December before our exams

I am so going with Bella, Bella and Alice gonna watch their movie.

Snow white said she wants to come with us, but she isnt interested in the Twilight Saga, she can come anyway cant she. Dipsy too will probably join soon enough! Lets see.

Now i am so off to tutions to tell my teacher how bad i did in physics and to prepare for MATH!

Tenth, Tenth! Hectic! Pain! Blaaah!

Omg i just saw Darthmouth's website, its so pretty and artsy! Yaaay me! Oxford seems good enough too, its quite professional and classy, Cambridge seems great too, pretty plain and white and nice,! Imagine if Shakespeare was here, wouldnt he be happy to see someone love english so much?! HE would!  I so want to meet him! Probably if i get into one of these random colleges, not random! One of these MOST WANTED, AWESOME, PRETTY, BEST colleges in the world, then his spirit might come say hi to me while i am sleeping in my dormitory. And if he does, if all this ever happens i shall take a pic with him and get his autograph for me, choco (he asked) and any of you who might want it!

I have spoken toooo much now




*Hugs* (which reminds me, see the hug counter on top, i love hugs, so give me a hug and why ? Thats also there! So no conjusy, give me as many hugs as you may please by clicking the give princesssonshu more hugs button!)

Till next time

Shutting my humongous non stop talking mouth for a while


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to being Insane

Why am i out of things to type or say or do?

Okay before i type any more rubbish or random crap lemme get to what ive to acknowledge!

Yellow Tulip a really sweet blogger buddy has given me two amazing awards! Yep! Isnt it fantabulous! Yeah im so excited

Aaawie, thanks so much dearie! Yaay this one is so cute! Juhi great painting and Tulip thanks for the award!
This one you gave me ages ago rite? But thanks now! Its great means a lot when you say my blog is freakkkkin fab!

Now coming to some important things, feelings rather. You know what, everytime i blog i feel a tingeof some feeling. Till date i kept wondering what it was but i have finally realised that that tinge is nothing but guilt which is building up every minute. Why the guilt? Why not is a better question! I am so stupid actually im whatever because i dont even comment on you people, but i swear its just that im not commenting i have read a lot, thanks to my cell! And its sad that as days pass by im not getting time to read. I miss all those writes

Judd's amazing, inspiring, touching writes
Nuchu's truthful, sweet ones
Vinu's fabulous poetry,
The Writers Lounge and the beautifully talented people there
Ste's fun stories
Juhi's drawings and so emo songs
Rush's everything writing
Tulip, her beautiful poems and amazing selection of pictures

And so many more things. I swear i feel that it sucks, sucks  (sorry no foul language) is unfair of me! And im so happy you people understand! All of you mean a lot to me, its just coz of bitter gourd and sweet pea's pressure and my own pressure to do well in boards! So hopefully i will get time one day soon when there is 72 hours in a day to read all of you!

Till then!

Love! :)


Randomly me!
Alice Cullen

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Outta the Blue question

I'm sitting in the balcony on this computer.

What am i doing here? I should'nt even be here! I should be studying harder every second! I should not be thinking about Apollo! Well do you know who Apollo is!??

Im not sure

I dont think i even told you did i?

Baah, lets keep suspense!

Anyway dont jump to conclusions, think, who do you think Apollo could be? Think. Think. Think harder


Anyway, getting back to talking sense. Sense?? Weird! I can never talk sense ever can i? Anyways, im still overly obsessed with my new phone, my new phone, my new phone, but i am so obsessed with studying, i dont know if its an obsession, but im studying almost always! Well thats not my problem, its the bitter gourd's mistake, she kills us! (bitter gourd code name for someone!) And sweet pea is like sweet but she could be considerate (sweet pea code again!)

I wonder....

Wonder, ponder...

Actually this has been puzzling me since a few days. This question! Its not related to me! Well here goes, hope i get answers.

"When can a person actually fall in love?"

When a fifteen year old says "I am in love" is it actually love??

I'm surely not in love and this question as i said is not related to me, a few of my (school) friends keep exclaiming they are in love, is it love or infatuation, can a fifteen year old actually be in love or is it only later its love??

Im confused!

Till next time
randomly signing off

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

201.A sonshu-tale:)

"This is a fairytale about a princess who lived in a distant land. This tale begins the day a great occasion came before the people living in this quaint and humble country land. It was on a beautiful day , when a delicate baby princess, whose forthcoming had not been foreseen by many, was born. Upon her arrival, many souls of the land looked at her as quite a foreigner. The little princess had wings, and she was named Sonshu. It wasn't until many years passed by that the princess, who hadn't any idea of her Angelic and Goddess qualities, eventually came to make a magical difference in her world. She had this power of words. She wrote what she desired, but no one knew about her abilities. One day she felt a deep desire to travel outside the castle walls. So, she got up her courage and headed out the gates of the castles. As she moved about the city, her presence seemed to spark fear in those who laid eyes upon her. Nonetheless, she continued to stroll through the city, and then out into the country land, while people watched and stared. They did not understand that her wings had a use. They looked upon her as quite an unusual sight. Yes, this place was the Writer's Lounge where she touched everyone's heart with her words. And then she and everyone realized what her wings were for. Her wings were for her to fly high in this world of writing. She created her beautiful land called the Sonshu land, and lived happily ever after with her of words and touching hearts :)"

I'm so glad that Sonshu is completing her 200 posts here so soon:)
And more surprising was the mail, asking me to do such a great honour:)
I remember talking to this li'l angel once, and how enthusiastically she told me about her ambition to be an author. Way to go girl!! A very promising writer, and I'm too lucky to come across her!

I hope to see 2000th, 20000th...and so on posts from your side in this beautiful land of yours:)

Loads of Love and hugs,

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yes, I am here

I have been wanting to tell you a lot of things, lots i say! So much has been happening, you would know if you were a facebook buddy! Otherwise im telling you right here , only two things for now though!

1. I won the Moon Light Contest at the lounge here's my badge!

Judge’s Comment: This poem flows well and it stands on its own without the photo. I can feel the emotion here – that aching to be with the one you love --- the loneliness; hope.
Marks Awarded: 100/100

Yes i actually got a 100/100, here's my poem for those who didnt read it 

I stand beneath the dark clouds

Waiting for the wind to blow

To lift my feet off the ground

And take me to you...

It feels so black here

I hate this feeling of pain

Trapped on an island

Moon my only company

Its a place of passion

But it feels gloomy and dull

If you were here

I could feel the beauty and see the green

All i think about is you

Day and night standing here alone

Looking at the moon

It is smiling at my sorrow

I wait for the wind to strike

Lift me and take me to you..... 

Word Count: 107 words
2. I won the MoM at the lounge- September 

We are proud to announce that Princess Sonshu  are our Member of Month for Sept 2009.
 Yes i am so happy *jumps up and down* Wohooo!!!!

Yeah isnt it happening! Till next time!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

200. Celebration Time Again!!!

Hola Amigos!

Its celebration time again! Once again i have decided to go celebrating coz ive completed my 200 posts. Im so happy *jumps up and down*

Yes, today is the day, this is my 200th post. I remember 30th November, at about 12 noon, I remember the exact time, yes it was noon and i had returned from my tutions a while ago, My friend had told me something like blogging existed, my zeal took me here and i was there with my brand new blogspot website. It was called "Sonshu's Corner" Yes thats what it was. Till about say January i had only about 3 readers all of whom were my relatives and friends (god, they read all my crap nonsense speaking). That time i wrote poems ad stories but never posted em in here. In February i remember it was time to go strong blogging, i even got readers, a few. In May, i joined the Lounge and i was so overwhelmed with the responses i got. Aah!After that there was just no looking back!

Now coming to those- my closest friends!

I remember i met him through Tell a Tale. I always saw his name on the story list and curious i visited his blog. I saw that he was a very mature person and his poems and stories were written like a magician did magic. His poems were what attracted me. I visited his blog daily, nonetheless i didnt comment. Soon i decided i should tell him how brilliant he was. I wanted to be friends, because seriously before him i dont think i had known anyone with such strong desire to become an author. Soon we were great friends and got along well. Of course Judd is one of my most precious friends and he has taught me so much by his poems. I look up to him. I adore his writings. 

Roshwrites aka Rosh aka Roshni
Yes, ive known Rosh for a while now. I came across her through my following list i guess. I decided to visit her blog. I went there and loved the space, the writings and stuff. I thought she was a college girl coz i read two- three poems. Soon i came to know she was younger than I. I was shocked. I mean such a small kid with amaazinnng talents I was astounded. But soon we became great friends. And we are amazing friends, ive chatted with her once only but we interact through mails and stuff. Anyways Rosh is a gem and a great person.

 Vinay aka Leo:

Vinu ive known since May and i met him on the Lounge. Chatting and chattin on that shout box we bonded. He took my personal id and we even chatted a lot. He told me i could call him bhaiya! So his new name was Vinu Bhaiya. Ever since i knew him i had heard he was an amazing poet and people kept calling him god of poetry. I wondered and then began reading. His poetry seemed so good and it was. I adored it and soon i was a fan! He even taught me all about syllables!  He has been a great friend and an amazing person to know. My teacher too! Hip Hip Hurrah!


I think Prats was one of the first people i met on Blog. I mean she was the one who lead me to Amias, the lounge and stuff her blog was so attractive that i kept reading it almost 20 times a day, the tags and stuff amused me. She has been a great help and a friend! I will always treasure this friend and her blog, the first time i saw it, that look will be treasured!

Kajal aka Pink Orchid

Kajal, i remember those sweet comments which touched my heart. She was really an inspiration, i saw her enthusiasm to blog, to speak her mind out and that inspired me to blog more frequently. She even told me how to photo edit with that amazing website! Kajal has been one of the sweetest persons ever and is a great friend! mwaaah!


Amias is and was a huge support and she encouraged me and also helped me. She, like my family answered every question i asked, however silly it might ahve been, helping me when i want, promoting my blog and other stuff. Amias has done a lot for me and i love her for that! She even writes so well, i look up to her! And she is always close to my heart. Thanks so much for being with me Amias!


Ms.R fascinated me by the name. I wondered and was puzzled by the why Ms.R and i still am really puzzled. Her writings were really touching and so real. She spoke from the heart and wrote so well. She was a guide. We used to chat everyday (those were the days, i had time) She even revealed a huge secret to me and is still my friend. Nonetheless we dont chat everyday but she will always be dear to me!


Nusrath aka Nuchu is really sweet. I tell you sweet! The comments on facebook, likes on photos, everything is just so sweet about her. She has been a darling and a friend to me! I admire and adore the charm in her face and sweetness in the words. She's a pearl! Nuchu mwaaah to you! Cheers! Even though i dont get time these days to read her im sure she does great.Keep rocking!

Arun, Ste and Tan:

These are some really great people i tell you! They chat with me when im online and are like brothers to me! Yes Tan gives me fabulous advice, Arun helps with songs and stuff, Ste gave me my friends through Lounge! Their friendship makes me smile and keeps me entertained! 

School friends

When i first began blogging it was they who read me, who were beside me supporting my craziness. Raji, Nilima, Deepti etc. I want to write a lot about them but that would be unfair because even they have so much to say. So why not hear about my relation with my friends from them. Coming soon....

Other Blog Friends -Including all readers

Of course you people are most dear to me, to have read my non sense?? Oh fish, im sure i love you people so much!  But dont wonder why i havent written a special box for you? Well thats because of a million reasons. Not only that you guys are so special , there's so much to say and no time at all! Think of this as a gift from me to you!

"I love you guys, all of you are dear to me, each one of you, even those who cared to comment once, those who read but dont comment, those who smile, those that are friends! All of you are dear to me just like the others! Keep commenting!"

Yes, this  200th post i kept you waiting for about two whole months. And im sorry. It may not be exactly what your expecting because you might have expected a lot! But the sad part is im in tenth and i hardly get time to breathe. Its so hectic. If you want to know whether why i am cribbing, its not only me. Listen to this, Raji wrote on her blog: 

I haven't blogged in ages or so..
A million reasons why.

There is so much i have to say..and so little time.

Anyway,Im still alive,hale and hearty.
I promise to write very soon.

*group hug*

We people seem to have no time. Last year Nilima and i actually spoke for half an hour on the phone most days, Dips and I toh spoke for an hour! But now days the phone hardly seems to ring, here or there! The point is we are being pressurized, the boards, the boards, extra classes, tutions, tests, so much. Since all of us are in different classes now we hardly get to talk. We dont even see each other everyday. (Its only dips and i who meet for lunch) Im waiting for these boards- March 2010 to get over, then I'll freak, you wont even have tie to read the number of posts I will make in a day! 

Until next time!